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Flea stoppers one year guarantee


Why FLEA STOPPERS Carpet Powder?
  Because it is a specially formulated, mini-granular, Orthoboric Acid. it is designed to fall freely to the nap of carpets where the flea live and breed. There are many boric acid products on the market today, but don't be fooled, many are dusty and vacuum up within the first week after application.
FLEA STOPPERS will not lost its effectiveness, even if vacuuming or shampooing occurs. Shampooing does not void our guarantee.
Because this is so effective, it is guarantee to eliminate
  100% of fleas in the home or complete money back.
Veterinarian recommended and EPA registered.
No Odor, No Dust, No Fumes!
Ok to shampoo Carpets after treatment.
No mixing, No Measuring, No mess!
  No shipping for outside US
2.5lbs   $ 39.99
1000sqft -12 Months Applications

5lbs   $ 45.99
2000sqft -12 Months Applications

How does FLEA STOPPERS kill fleas?
FLEA STOPPERS works by dehydrating and kills fleas in two stages of the life cycle. Flea larvae, which hatch from the eggs, ingest the material and because it is a dessicant, it causes them to become constipated because there is not enough moisture to move their bowels. Consequently, they are poisoned by their own wastes and die, never developing into an adult flea. The adult flea is also killed by the dehydrating action of the granules. Fleas are like fish in that they are primitive and have no central lung system. (If fish had lungs they would drown.) Just as a fish breathes by taking water across the gill membrane to extract oxygen from H2O, fleas extract oxygen from moisture taken in through tiny holes along the side of the body called spiracles. The granules abrades and breaks down the exoskeleton, preventing the flea from maintaining moisture and hence oxygen. The resulting dehydration and asphyxiation kills the adult flea in 3-5 days. Our product works because no living being can live without water!
What is FLEA STOPPERS made of?
Our product is a highly purified orthoboric acid that is odorless, crystalline and white in appearance. The consistency is a little finer than salt or sugar. Boron is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust and is mined in the western deserts of the U.S. Boric acid has been used for centuries as an eye and wound antiseptic as well as a whitening agent for teeth!
How is FLEA STOPPERS applied?
The product is available in two sizes, one of which treats 1,000 S.F. and the other 2,000 S.F. Both sizes come in a canister with instructions and our toll free number for questions or help. The canisters come with a shaker top for ease of application. Simply shake the material into carpeted areas of the home and use a broom or carpet rake to work the material into the nap of the carpet. We recommend that you vacuum the carpets well prior to application and throw the bag away afterwards as fleas can continue to hatch in the bags.
One-Year Unconditional Guarantee !!!
FLEA STOPPERS stands behind its product. If you still have fleas in your home after a period of 6 weeks, you may present a receipt of sale and we will refund your money or replace your product at no charge. Unlike some companies selling dusty polyborate products, we will honor this guarantee even after you clean your carpet, regardless of cleaning method. Obviously, we do not have “carpet police” and therefore cannot dictate that you use the product according to the directions. However, after almost 15 years of registering purchases, we have maintained a consistent ½ of 1% failure rate based on refund or replacement requests and we feel very comfortable covering our “Do It Yourself” products.

FLEA STOPPERS is federally licensed by the E.P.A. in 48 states as well as being registered by the pesticide regulation departments in each state in which our product is sold.

We unconditionally guarantee our product for refund or replacement. After tracking sales for over 8 years during which time we took warranty information via the phone where we asked each customer to register their purchase.
FLEA STOPPERS has less than a ½ of 1% failure rate based on requests for refunds or replacements.

I’m pregnant and there are fleas in my home. Is it safe for me to use FLEA STOPPERS?
Yes. FLEA STOPPERS is not absorbed through intact skin. Unlike other borate products, which are dusty, our product is non-inhalable due to its granular consistency. Furthermore, FLEA STOPPERS has an oral toxicity level close to everyday table salt.
I have asthma, allergies and/or extreme chemical sensitivity. Can I use FLEA STOPPERS in my home without problems from the application?
Yes. FLEA STOPPERS is a desiccant that works physically by dehydrating rather than chemically by poisoning. You could compare it to pouring salt on a slug.
Can FLEA STOPPERS be safely used in homes with birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits or other small animals? May I use the product without removing pets from my home?
Yes. Unlike some of the other dusty boron-based flea products on the market, FLEA STOPPERS is granular and presents no problem to smaller animals due to inhalation. I have a pair of Yellow Nape Amazon parrots and have been using this product for 15 years with them walking around on the floor as I treated. Fish tanks do not need to be covered either. Because of the granular nature of the product, it does not coat the hair or paws of smaller animals, limiting the ingestion from grooming.
I have toddlers and/or a newborn who stay on the carpet. Can I use your product without hurting them?
Yes. FLEA STOPPERS is not absorbed through the skin and will not hurt your children or pets from contact exposure.
Can I apply your product on hardwood, tile or linoleum floors?
No. The material is very slippery due its granular nature and chemistry of the material and could be dangerous when used in this situation. These surfaces do not lend themselves to holding the material like carpet would and we would not be able to warrant it for a year in this situation.
What can I do if I have hardwoods or other non-carpet type surfaces?
Treat your pet with a two moth residual program and practice rigorous hygiene. By this I mean sweep and mop those areas daily if possible because fleas are immobile during three phases of their life cycle. Every egg larva and pupa that you pick up by this method will be one less flea to bite you or your pet and this may enable you to avoid the use of pesticides. However, if your infestation is extensive, you may opt to use a spray or bombs to give you some immediate relief. You may also use FLEA STOPPERS on your upholstery and carpet remnants placed in strategic areas throughout your home.
I have bombed my house numerous times and cannot get rid of the fleas. Why is this?
Bombs, or fumigation devices, are known in the pest control business as “flushers”. This means that they kill insects upon contact, but have no residual (long lasting) effects. Consequently, bombing and spraying a non-professional product will only kill fleas that are there that day, so it must be done weekly to control the emerging pupae. Another factor that reduces the effectiveness of bombs and sprays is the widespread use of stain resistant carpets. These carpets are moisture repellant, which means that the fogged material cannot penetrate the nap of the carpet where the fleas tend to live and breed.
My pet sleeps on my bed and furniture frequently. What should I do to treat those areas?
FLEA STOPPERS can and should be applied to both areas. Furniture should be treated by lifting cushions off sofas and chairs and sprinkling the material lightly on the ticking where the cushions sit as well as in the wells of furniture (the crevices where the body of the furniture meets the back and sides) as fleas tend to frequent these areas. Beds should be treated by lifting the mattress and lightly sprinkling the material between the box springs and the mattress. The material should not be applied directly to the tops of the cushions, beds or animal bedding because its’ granular nature makes it irritating (it would be like sliding your body across sand) and its’ dehydrating effect would make it doubly irritating. You may also want to apply it under pet bedding in a similar manner.
Can FLEA STOPPERS be applied to my pet?
No. It would not stay on the pet. Because it will not kill the fleas on your pet, it is very important that you treat your animal with an approved flea control product. Otherwise, your pet will continue to bring fleas into your home and recycle them.
Can I use FLEA STOPPERS in the yard?
Not unless you hate cutting grass and other greenery. FLEA STOPPERS is a dehydrating agent and will kill plants due to this effect-it is an herbicide. There are several other easily obtainable products that can be used in the yard to kill fleas. You may use a granular pesticide such as diazinon or bifenthrin, which requires nothing more than a glove and a bucket or you may broadcast spread it with a fertilizer spreader. We recommend granules for customer use because it eliminates the need for special spraying equipment and the hazards posed by mixing and disposal of rinsate as well as giving a better residual control than sprays which tend to break down more quickly with exposure to rain and ultraviolet light.
If you are concerned about using pesticides you have several options for control. One of these is the use of nematodes that deed on fleas in the initial stages of their life cycle and do no damage to plants or other animals. The nematodes are packaged and applied with a sprayer and garden hose; hoever, they may not be alive in the packaging and do not do well in areas where temperatures are above 90-100 degrees for any length of time, which of course tends to be where we have the biggest flea problems! Diatomaceous earth is a mix of ocean-mined materials (primarily the interlocking skeletons of algae colonies called diatoms that consist of abrasive silica) that breaks down insect exoskeletons leading to dehydration in a fashion similar to FLEA STOPPERS. A third organic method for insect control is planting marigolds, mums, burdock and pennyroyal as they are all natural pyrethrin-bearing plants (pyrethrin is one of the most common ingredients found in bombs and sprays) and will actually kill and repel many types of insects as well as sprucing up the appearance of your yard!
What is the biology of a flea?
The flea life cycle is comparable to a butterfly’s. A female flea lays 30-50 eggs per day, which hatch in 3-5 days. The larva that hatches from the eggs is the equivalent of the caterpillar, which looks like a tiny, hairy fly maggot. For roughly 7-10 days, the larvae crawl around in carpet and upholstery to feed on organic material and store energy for the next phase of the life cycle. Like a caterpillar, the larva spins a cocoon around itself and is than called a pupa. Under ideal conditions, the fleas are in the pupal stage for 10-14 days; however, they can lie dormant for up to a year if there is not moisture, movement and warmth. While pupating, they cannot be killed, whether you use FLEA STOPPERS or chemical sprays, because the cocoon is like a tiny self-contained womb for the metamorphosing insects. Upon emergence from the pupa, the adult flea will live for approximately 21 days, sucking your and your pet’s blood and generally making life miserable! If you add the amount of time in each stage of the life cycle, you will see that it may take 50 days to rid your home of fleas from egg to adult death without intervention.

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