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Our PetsList management Policies and Procedures

This posting is free of charge and intended for private individual listings only.

We reserve the right to not list any ads that are thought by us to be
in bad taste or not helpful to a positive pet club environment
for both the owner and the pet.
We will post ads usually within 24 hours of receipt.

Pet information from businesses or organizations such as pet shelters
will only be listed at our discretion.
No pet sales as a business are posted
but finding a new home for your pet with a reasonable adoption fee is accepted.
"We don't sell chickens for sandwiches."

Posting is free !!

Success story
I would like to share my experience working with PetsTouch. I was in a situation where I had more bunnies than I could care for. It was important to me that the bunnies went to a loving home. When I placed an ad on Craigslist, I received more negative responses about the fact that I had placed the ad than I did interest in the bunnies. The only positive outcome of the ad was the fact that I was directed to PetsTouch. I had a fantastic experience with the person in charge of the site. She was timely, genuinely concerned for the well being of the bunnies after placement, and more helpful than any other means I had tried to place my bunnies. She was great about connecting me to people who were interested in adopting them, and great about the follow up with each contact and advice about keeping in touch with the bunnies new families. If I had not found new homes for my bunnies, she even offered to take them in. I have 100% peace of mind working with her to re-home my animals. I also have 100% comfort in recommending the service to anyone else who finds themselves in a position where they need to find loving homes for their animals.

B.L in Hayward

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