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Home Bird Finder
Live stocks Available in San Jose Bay Area:
Fresh Organic Free Range Daily Fertilize Eggs Fresh Organic Free Range
Daily Fertilize Eggs
Maran, Silkie,
Rhode IslandRed, Ameraucanas
$8 /dozen
(98% Fertilized)
Available now

Tips How to raise chicken

Indian Blue Peacock
Jun. 2009
San Jose,CA
1-3 months old


$10/each egg

Chicks Available July.
eggs available May.
silike chicks Silkie(small white eggs)
Ameraucanas( green/blue eggs)
Rhode Island ( brown eggs)
less 1 months old

$6/ - less week
$8/- 2weeks
$10/ -over 3 weeks
$12/ -less 3week

Available 5/20/11
reserve Here.

Tips How to raise chicken
green eggs Rhode Island Red
Hen Chicks
1 -3 months old

Available August
rooster Roosters
7 months -2 years old
5.00/each Available August

laying hens Great Laying Hen

dark brown large eggs
12 months
$30/each Available August
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Resources for Peacock Owner / Breeder learn more about peacocks...More
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Natural Goat
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Oil Painting by Nader
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