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Pets are people to us. They have feelings and needs and we have the opportunity and intent to find them a home where they can benefit from a loving relationship.
If you adopt a pet from us and you have problems like allergies or incompatibilities you may return him or her to us at any time. We will refund any adoption fees in the first week with no questions asked. We want our pets to have a safe and loving home where they are wanted and appreciated.
Adoption fees do not cover our costs and are purely to ensure the buyer has a genuine wish to adopt.
We reserve the right to not sell our pets to anyone who we believe will not appreciate or be able to keep them safely and humanely. We also reserve the right to not list any advertisements from third parties that we believe do not comply with this intent.
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Place your bunnies: if you can no longer to keep your rabbit. We provider a free service to find a new home for them. You can post an ad at our website contact us .
My bunny's name is Marsha, she is 2 1/2 years old and spayed.
She is white with some gray coloring, and overweight. She is described as "American" breed.
She loves to be petted and she is litterbox-trained.
She is very inquisitive about her surroundings and loves to explore.
She likes hopping up and down the stairs. ;)
She is an indoor bunny and very affectionate.
She really needs a new home asap because we are moving to a no-pets-allowed place.
Wendy Wootton

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