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Home Natural Goat Yard Cleaning
  Baby goats video  
Large photo Natural Goat Yard Cleaning Service In Bay Area
( available )

Compare weed Cleaning Before and After

Large photo
If you have a fenced yard that is in need of regular annual cleanups that costs thousands of dollars a year then you should call us and schedule a Goat Cleanup Service. It is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Our goats are delightful solar powered, self-propelled weed eaters that consume fire hazardous brush and turn it into fertilizer for your next growing season. We use small and pygmy goats that are easy to handle and very friendly. They can be transported in a large dog carrier. We currently have three adult pygmy goats that are available for proporties between 1/4 acre and 5 acres. 1/4 acre lots will take about 2-8 weeks for cleanup depending on how much brush you have. There are only a few requirements to do this successfully.
1.>    You need at least a 4 foot fenced off yard that will keep the goats safe and away from vegetable gardens, roses or flowers that may you want to keep. Flowers, vegetable tops and weeds are like candy to a goat. Rose bushes will survive a year of goat feeding but will be pruned back more than you would normally want. Bushes will be trimmed back to the main limbs up to a height of about four feet. Protect shrubs that you do not want cleaned with chicken wire or chain link fencing.
2. >   Water is required on the property at all times and we will provide a small animal water tank with a ballcock filling regulator.
3. >   A small shelter for rainy days and overnight sleeping is required. This can be a tent or a large tree with dry ground underneath.
4. >   Rates are negotiable at 35% cost of your regular yard cleaning services based on how much help you need to manage the goats and how far away you are from San Jose.
(You can sign up now our waiting list for 2008.)
more info please email:
Goats - The Natural Choice

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Goats and grazing animals have been used for countless years as land management tools, and are a popular alternative to the land management conventions of mowing, disking, and burning. Managed Grazing takes into account multiple levels of the environment including: vegetation types, soil types, watershed functions, plant recovery mechanisms, nutrient flow and energy cycling. All can be managed, monitored, and improved with proper management procedure. Goats have been successfully used to control vegetation for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until recently that management techniques and expertise have made planned goat grazing the most effective method for Fire Mitigation , Noxious weed abatement and safe Land Management. Goats have been called the only environmentally friendly, solar-powered, self-propelled weed-eaters that produce no fossil fuels, noise pollution or fire hazards. Goats have the unique ability to convert overgrown and potentially fire hazardous grass, weeds, and brush into pastoral landscapes.