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Pet Care Market ( Free Listing ):

A unique Free Pet Care Community Database for pet owners, professional and small business providers. Get to know each other and develop support services that make sense for each of you.
Pet Sitting Exchange:   
A FREE Database for Pet owners to meet and support each other in a local community. List your pets and what you need in Pet Sitting Services when away from home.The database is private non-commercial use. It is Free Private and Secure !
For Pet Owners:
This Section allows Pet Owners to Search Local Professional Pet Sitting Services and to Advertize what services they need. Some Pet Owners may prefer Professional services and can use this database to advertize their needs. There will always be times when a Pet Sitting Exchange owner cannot find other Pet Owners in a hurry. to post a Job request...
For Pet Provider:
( Pet care business: Veterinarians, pet sitting services,Grooming Services,Training Program, Other Services ...)

This Section allows all Pet Provider Businesses to Search in their area for the Job Ads run by local pet Owners. Pet Providers List their businesses here Free of Charge.
Providers finding Pet care Jobs listed here can view the detailed contact information by Paying small Annual fee Advanced Member search capability.

Swap - Stuff
This is for everyone who has equipment or clothes or cages or anything they dont use any more...and would like to find things to buy or exchange for their own unused stuff.
Simply a FREE listing swap meet place for pet owners or providers or anyone else who happened to search our site.