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Home Message Board
   A Wonderful experience ! ( You won't be disappointed. )
Evergreen Acres petting zoo is a wonderful experience for both adults and children.
The animals are very clean and friendly. My 3 year old daughter still talks about how much she loved petting the animals..especially holding the baby bunnies and chicks. Although we have 2 dogs of our own, she still very much enjoyed throwing a ball in the pool for their black lab too.
Hope you enjoy your visit as much as we won't be disappointed.
We look forward to visiting again soon!
Sus (August 2007)
   A Great Birthday trip - Evergreen Acres Petting Farm Tour
I had my 12th birthday not long ago, one of the treats that I look forward to on my birthday besides cake and gifts, is that my uncle Edgar takes time to take me out to spend time together. This time he took me to a great place in San Jose, the Evergreen Acres Farm.
One of the reasons I liked the farm for many reasons, but one of the reasons is how nice the farmers were.
The other reason was because of how many animals they had, which included goats, rabbits, peacocks and chickens.
I liked the goats because they were very affectionate, the rabbits because they were so cute and fluffy, the peacocks because they were so colorful and had great long tails, and the silky chickens because they look like punk rockers!
I also learned a lot, for example I learned that peacock's tails fall of during the summer. I also learned that there was more than one type of chickens.
I enjoyed the tour and at the end of it they gave us 5 chicken eggs for us to hatch!
I really liked the farm and will like to go back soon.
Edgar nephew (Sep. 2007)
   Milk Soap is best for me.
Why Milk Soap?
I have had extremely dry skin all my life. Because of this most of my life Iíve had soap dry my skin further and so I was in constant use of moisturizers. None of these moisturizers ever worked completely, many left my skin feeling greasy, and often caused break outs.
Then I was introduced to soap made with milk, WOW everything changed. Washing no longer dried my skin, now washing actually helped relieve my dry skin. Soon I no longer needed any of those expensive moisturizers at all. Because of this discovery I started to make my own milk soap. This has become a labor of love. I have now started to incorporate my own mold designs. So now I make several batches a week, hand pouring, hand trimming, and babysitting each batch for the 6 weeks of curing.
Nina (Sep.2007)
   Keep Your BUNNY Happy
Keeping Your Bunny Happy and Out of Trouble.
You needn't spend a fortune on toys to keep your bunny busy and happy. If you don't have enough toys, or proper toys, a rabbit may cause damage to your home instead. It's easy to give your bunny safe alternatives to play with instead of digging your carpet, sheet rock, sofa, or chewing on your furniture and cords.
Untreated wicker or willow baskets are great fun for bunnies who love to chew. If your bunny loves to dig, fill the basket with an old phone book to shred, a piece of carpet (make sure bunny is only digging it, not ingesting it), newspapers, or cardboard pieces.
Cardboard boxes are a favorite with most bunnies. Make sure to cut out “doors” on either end and in the front so your bunny won't feel trapped or afraid to enter. Your bunny will spend weeks remodeling the box and chewing, digging and restyling the holes. You can also add some toys to the box for added interest.
If your bunny likes fabric and you want to divert your rabbit from the sofa fabric or your bedding, give your bunny her own little towel to play with. Some rabbits love to push around a towel, burrow under it, or bite it. ( Make sure bunny isn't ingesting the fabric.)
There are many toys that rabbits will enjoy playing with that you can make from things you have around the house. You can take empty paper towel rolls and cut them into 2” pieces. Bunnies who love to toss things around will really like these. You can also stuff the cardboard rings with some hay for a fun treat. The 3” cardboard rolls that come with the packing tape on it make great toys when they are empty, too.
If you are lucky enough to have access to pine cones (untreated, no pesticides, etc.) these make a great chew toy as well. Fill an untreated wicker basket with pine cones and your bunny will be thrilled.
Watch your bunny for clues to her personality, then use your imagination to offer her some toys that will divert any behaviors that are becoming destructive around the house.
Rabbits need to chew, and digging is in their nature. You will both live more happily if you can provide your rabbit with safe and fun ways to do what comes naturally.

Posting ID 348536630 of
   The bunny was a huge success for my daughter !

Dear Jane:
Thank you so much for all of your help and the beautiful baby bunny!!!
Hailey was so excited Christmas morning! The bunny was a huge success!
Hailey has held it and played with it every day! She loves to feel her soft fur and likes to feed her. Hailey lets the bunny run around the kitchen and when she calls to the bunny the bunny hops right over to Hailey!
She is a very sweet and friendly little bunny! We all really Love her! :-)
Here are some pictures of Hailey and her new bunny on Christmas morning!
Thank you again! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
I would love to bring Hailey out to your place sometime so that she can see all of your other neat animals!
   Giving meat to your dog

Your dog is a carnivore and not a vegetarian. He needs meat. His teeth are quite different from ours - they are made for ripping and tearing meat. They do not have flat surfaces for grinding up grains. His digestion starts in his stomach and not in his month. All the enzymes in his system are geard toward breaking down meat and raw foods. There is no doubt about it, Buddy is a carnivore, and he needs to eat meat to stay healthy.
Your dog's body, as well as yours, is made up of cells, a lot of them. Each cell needs 45 nutrients to function properly. The cells need the following:
  • Protein, consisting of 9 to 12 essential amino acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water
Digesting Information : According to a Swedish study, raw foods pass through a dog's stomach and into the intestinal tract in 4 1/2 hours. so after that time span, the dog is already receiving energy from that food. raw foods are the most easily digested by dog. ... Dry food takes 15 hours. it will be in his stomach from morning 'till night.
( Read "Dog Training for Dummies" for nutrition and diet information for Your is an excellent reference book for pet owners)

   Benefit for my Dog (mixed raw meat and fresh uncooked bones) -- 18 years old

Our last family dog called "Ralph" was an Australian Sheep dog who lived to the ripe old age of 18 years. He lived on a diet of mixed raw meat and vegatables with meal bones and dry food as well as fresh uncooked bones. When mature he lived on two meal a day one before I went to work and one at dinner time after I returned. The mixed raw meat and vegetables were frozen. The brand I chose is locally produced at GrandadsPetfoods located in San Jose. At $2 a pound I would cut a patty from the frozen sausage kept in the refrigerator, full of the nutrients and vitamins he needed. He was an active happy dog with a healthy long coat of hair. (M.H)

   Did you know that Goats make great pets !

OK why are we advocating a goat as a pet you might ask? Until recently we had not thought of this either. If you havent experienced this animal as a friend yet then you are missing something. Here are a few facts that may intrigue you enough to try finding one.
When we walk our pets, people are surprised by Lucky Boy. The usual reaction is "Wow! that's not a dog!" Our dogs accept Lunky Boy as part of the family. He survived as a triplet by bottle feeding. He is always one step behind you when we work in the yard. In a lot of ways he learns faster than our two dogs and makes a great very affectionate pet.
Cleaning up after a goat is almost unnecessary. They provide a natural fertilizer to the land that only needs to be brushed from patios to keep them clean. It comes in dried pellets that looks just like dried dogfood.
Goats are easy to feed. Any grain, bread or vegatables are treats. They eat grass but mostly love to eat weeds, leaves, bark and small branches from trees and bushes. They are a natural yard cleaner and save you having to prune larger trees or spray for weeds. If you are prepared to protect your plants, such as hedges, flowers and garden produce, everything will work fine. Goats keep the environment clean and reduce fire hazards by keeping land free from dried weeds, grasses and shrubs.
Goats are very affectionate and almost able to "talk" the same way we intonate our voice to communicate. ...much to the amusement of locals who benefit from his pruning their hedges while passing through.
Goats are social animals and enjoy the company of other goats or farm animals..they can be trained to lead, come when called, stand for shearing & milking.
Lifespan: 10-12 years, may live as long as 30 years
Productive life of a dairy or fiber goat: 7 years
Space required per goat: 15ft2 indoor and 200ft2 outdoors
Breeding age: females - 8 to 10 months
Gestation period: 150 days
Number of kids per gestation: 1 - 2

   Animals will make your children "more patience and love to share with mankind."

   I just want to tell you how much we appreciated your time today...and the love you show to God's gift of animals to our human existance. Angela and I
just felt so wonderful about the peace that surrounds you...I have raised all 3 of my children to love and respect animals, and in doing so they have more patience and love to share with mankind.
On the way home we stopped at Costco in Gilroy....the bunnies were so delighted that we shared our fresh spinach and carrots that we purchased, on their trip home. Angela's bunny 'Harvey' is still a bit too large for the babies, so we will keep them seperated until time appropriate...and until we determine their gender. She's made a lovely indoor setting for them...they will be very spoiled! They've spent several hours within their fenced area on the lawn...and will be coming in just before we leave for Holy Thursday services this evening.
Again, thank you so much for your graciousness....we loved seeing all of your 4 legged family! I will keep in touch.

(J.D 2006)

   How old is your dog in "Human Years"?



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