Most dogs are loving, intelligent, and loyal. they want nothing more than to be members of a family, part of the pack. They give unconditional love, but they need love, attention, touch and kindness in return. In this fast-paced world, we all have so much to do that a dog's needs can easily be forgotten.
Your dog is a carnivore and not a vegetarian. A dog needs meat.
His teeth are quite different from ours, made for ripping and tearing meat. They do not have flat surfaces for grinding up grains. His digestion starts in his stomach and not in his mouth. All the enzymes in his system are geared toward breaking down meat and raw foods. He can easily digest raw meat in four hours but it takes 24 hours for Buddy to digest the grain based dry food you give every day.
Raw goat's milk is best !
find raw goat's milk in your area
"How to make real raw dog food" workshop available.

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