Rabbits make wonderful pets for children or adults. They truly enjoy one on one time with their owners and have individual personalities that will delight and amuse you. However, before you decide to add a rabbit to your household, as with any new pet, you will want to do some research first about care and behavior.
Rabbits are very sensitive to heat. Left in the sun above 80 degrees can cause a rabbit to get heat stroke. They love the night and come alive in the early evening when the sun goes down. During the day they need cover and prefer a hole in the ground as a place to cool off or have their young, also they should have a safe environment.
Rabbits have a life expectancy of about 8 to 12 years.
If you have to feed baby bunnies, raw goat milk is only choice.

Bunnies Adoption available. see pictures.

more infomation www.bestfriends.org